Steel Bikes & Frames

All our bikes are custom built and designed to last a lifetime. ​Our steel bikes come in three grades: Deluxe, Signature, and Artisan.
Deluxe bikes - TIG welded with standard fittings and one color paint. You're welcome to customize your Deluxe bike further, for an upcharge.
Signature bikes - either lugged or fillet brazed with fully customizable fittings. Two color paint job included. Below is a lugged seat cluster and a fillet brazed seat cluster. You can get a combination, too!

Artisan bikes - for when you want something really special. Curvy tubes, crazy lugs, chrome fish? We can do it. We don't make many of these,and the lead time is long, but each one is an entirely unique piece of rolling sculpture. Below is a criminally fancy Art Deco artisan mixte. 

Bilenky Cycle Works       5319 N 2nd St       Philadelphia, PA       19120      215 329 4744

*Please note that there is a no return policy on our bikes.

These are custom bikes built for you. Any issues or questions should be brought to our attention during the build process.

We work with you closely to make sure you are delivered your dream bike and that you understand each part of the process.

Because of the time spent on each bike and because of the customer involvement with each project, we don't anticipate any returns, however, there is always that one customer that this has to be written for.