About Us

The beards behind the bikes

​Stephen Bilenky has been in the bike industry for 44 years. He began framebuilding in 1983, when he started brazing bikes together in the basement of his repair shop. Thirty years on, Bilenky Cycle Works has moved above ground to North Philadelphia with a full time staff of six. We have won numerous awards and acclaims, including rave reviews in Bicycling Magazine, Bicycle Guide, Tandem Magazine, Bicycle Quarterly and more. We won Best Road Bike (2010), Best Lugged Bike (2011), and Best Lugged Frame (2013) at NAHBS.

For the past four years we have organized the first ever annual Philly Bike Expo, bringing together bicycle makers and enthusiasts from around the country. We also host the world’s only Junkyard Cyclocross, where riders brave a course through our neighboring junkyard - over cars, through toxic puddles and around broken glass. It's in its eighth wildly popular year and turns our hair grey(er) every time.

Bilenky Cycle Works is more than just a shop. It’s an enduring institution that is committed to enhancing the world of cycling, one handbuilt frame at a time. Contact us to design and build your dream bicycle.


"I think this is (+/- 1 day) the third anniversary of my picking up of my wonderful bike from you - the BRG is still immaculate. The Campag, the B-17, the Mavic/Suzue wheels all superb. Today I passed 7,000 miles on it. I just want to say how much I appreciate the bike and the team that put it together. Grateful thanks!"

--- Colin C.


"Just wanted to say Thank You! – great repair job! The mechanics at my bike shop were very impressed. I rebuilt the bike - updated wheels and changed out cables, housing, chain, tape, etc. Looks like a new bike. Appreciate the great job you did giving new life to my favorite bike."

--- John N., NY

Meet the BCW Crew

Bilenky Cycle Works       5319 N 2nd St       Philadelphia, PA       19120      215 329 4744      artistry@bilenky.com