Custom bikes

Steel or Titanium

The lead time on our custom bikes will vary depending on the type and specifications of the bicycle that we build for you. You can either call or email the shop to talk specifics or if you want to get your name in our queue and talk shop later, you can always make a deposit on our Start an Order Tab.
The Tourlite

Light Touring

The Ultralight


The Metroluxe


The Pro-Am

Track / Single-speed

The Nor'Easter

Cyclocross and trail riding


26" or 29" off-road

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The Tandem

Steel or titanium

The Sherpa

Short-wheelbase Delivery and Cargo

The Midlands

Loaded touring / long-distance

The Viewpoint

Semi-recumbent tandem

Demo Bikes

Sale frames & bikes

Other Brands We Sell

Surly, Soma, etc.