Cargo Bike

The Indefatigable Hauler

This is a street-legal, zero emissions, utility vehicle that can carry over 200 pounds.  We’ve made cargo bikes to transport multiple kids, move furniture, sell ice cream, and much more. Almost anything is possible.  A long wheelbase and a small front wheel makes loaded turning easy. Ask about custom racks and baskets.

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Deluxe Cargo Frame (TIG welded): $1,900

Signature Chuckwagon Frame (Fillet Brazed or Lugged): N/A- Chuckwagons are big utility bikes so we usually just weld 'em.

Fully built Deluxe Cargo Bike (Shimano/SRAM): $3,295

Custom racks/stand/kid holder/Christmas tree mount/dog basket/etc.: Call for quote.

We can even put S&S couplers in cargo bikes to make them transportable.

Please note that these prices are approximate; it will depend on the specifications of your order. If you'd like to get the process started, please fill out our order form so we can provide you with more accurate cost and lead time estimates. (Note: this form is non-binding! It's just an expression of interest.)

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