Loaded Touring

For serious long-distance touring, the Midlands is for the bike you need. A super long wheelbase and low bottom bracket make for a smooth ride, even fully loaded. Bilenky Midlands have carried their owners all over the world. All touring braze-ons are included and we can advise on accessories. We can build your ideal globe-trotting machine...

Deluxe Midlands Frame (TIG welded): $1,950

Signature Midlands Frame (Fillet Brazed or Lugged): $3,050

Artisan Midlands Frame (whatever you can dream up): Price on Request.

Fully built Deluxe Midlands (Shimano/Sugino/bar end touring group): $3,700

Fully Built Signature/Artisan Midlands (Customer spec): Price on Request.

Add S&S Couplers and a travel pack to any Midlands for just $975!

Please note that these prices are approximate. Talk to us about your specific needs so we can build a bike that's perfect just for you.

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