Colors for All Seasons

We do wet paint in-house for new builds and also do repaints for existing frames. With dozens of colors to choose from, you have infinite options for your bike's style and theme. If you require a tough finish on your bike, we work with an off-site powdercoater.

If you're interested in wet paint for your new Bilenky bike, you're in the right place. Deluxe Bilenky bikes come with with one color paint included. Signature bikes come with two. You can add panels, fades, patterns, lug lining and more from the a la carte paint menu below.


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Note: All paint prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the job.
The prices you see below are base prices. 



Basic paint prices:

These are for the stock colors below. Custom colors are available for a $75 upcharge.

Primer- basic matte black white or grey. Unattractive, but will protect your frame from rust: $150

Powdercoat- Super tough, single color. Solid, metallic, gloss, matte, even texture! Not as fine a finish as wet coat, but much less prone to chipping: $325 (frame and fork)

Wet coat- The best looking finish you can get. Primer, color and clearcoat with mirror gloss. If you want lots of detailing, panels, or decals under the clear, this is a good place to start:
Economy Repaint -$395 Standard Non-Metallic Colors, No Clear Coat
Standard Repaint - $495 Any Stock Color with Clear Coat

A la Carte Detailing:
Seat tube panel: $65

Head tube panel:$75

Two color fade: $75

Three color fade: $120

Lug Lining: $85

Box striping: $100

Check out our paint and graphics gallery for inspiration!

​                    Stock Solids                                                                                         Stock Metallics

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