And Frame Work

Steel Repairs

$150 -Install track ends (Surly type)

​$300-Install track ends (classic style)

$225-Replace bottom bracket shell

$250-Replace down tube or top tube

$395 -Replace pair (down and top tube)

$300-Replace seat tube

$175-Replace chainstay or seatstay

$325 -Replace pair (chainstay and seatstay)

$100+/- -Replace rear dropout

$75+/- -Replace fork dropout

$100-Replace steerer tube

Other repairs call for quote.

Rohloff Conversion​

Priced on a bike-by-bike basis.

Braze Ons

​​$120- Seat Stay splitter for belt drive

​​​​​​​​$60-Bottom bracket cable guides on top ​​

​$45-Bottom bracket cable guides under

​$45-Front derailleur mount

$35-Water bottle bosses (pair)

$35-Down tube shifter bosses (pair)

$25-Bar end shifter cable stops (pair)

$25-Pump peg

$20-Pump nipple on head tube

$35-Rack mount on seat stays

$35-Top tube cable guides (3)

$45-Double eyelets on dropouts

$15-Chainhanger on seatstay

$25-Chainstay cable stop

$20-Drill for plastic cable guide

$75-Cantilever brake mounts (pair)


Titanium Repairs
$350- Replace top tube or down tube

$400-Replace seat tube

$400-Replace head tube

$500 -Replace bottom bracket

$200-Replace chainstay or seat stay

$400+-Replace dropouts (depends on type)

Rohloff Conversion​

Priced on a bike-by-bike basis.

Weld Ons​

​$25- Split Stop

$50-Set of rack or fender eyelets

$250-Belt splitter

$300-Disc tab and support

$25-Riveted bottle bosses (pair)

$50-Welded bottle bosses (pair)

$50-Pump peg

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