Retrofit Paint Options

Post Surgery Cosmetics

Once your steel bike receives couplers it will be missing about two inches of paint on either side. There are three basic options for dealing with this (please don't leave any part of your steel bike bare!)

1) Utility Touch-up - this is black, white or grey primer. It doesn't look great, but it's fine for mountain bikes or anything else that gets beat up a lot. Below is a Surly Troll with grey primer. Functional but it works. $100

2) Contrast Touch-up - by far our most popular option. You choose from any of our stock colors to compliment your bike's original finish. Below is a silver touch up on a white Soma. This is economical and looks great.​ $195

​3) Matched Touch-up - this makes your bike look like it was born with the couplers installed. Below is a Waterford in seamless black. Please note that this won't work well if the bike has complicated patterns, chipping or rust. These are priced individually as so there are so many color schemes out there, and we can't match every color. If your bike has had a long life, please consider a full repaint rather than trying to match new paint to old. $250



​4) Powdercoat - the best option to get your bike completely re-painted. Look at the color options here. We always recommend powdercoating for travel bikes, as it's much tougher and will stand up better to the inevitable bumping that even the most carefully packed bike will encounter. It's durable and economical. Here's a freshly powdercoated Bianchi. ​$325

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