Ride Two-gether

Beautifully finished and carefully fit, award-winning tandems are one of our trademark designs. For sport, touring and recreation you can’t do better than a Bilenky tandem. Available with 26” and 700c wheels. Consider installing S&S couplers: we were the first US company to make coupler tandems, and being able to fit your double bike into a couple of flight-legal boxes is incredibly convenient. Talk to us about what kind of riding your team wants to do, so we can determine geometry and braze-ons.


Deluxe Tandem Frame (TIG welded): $3,750

Signature Tandem Frame (Fillet Brazed): $5750

Signature Tandem Frame (Lugged): $12,500

Artisan Tandem Frame (fully custom): Price on Request

Fully built Deluxe Tandem (Shimano XT): $4,995

Fully built Signature/Artisan Tandem  (Customer spec): Price on Request

If you'd like couplers in your tandem please email or call... "Tinker Tandems" are our specialty!

Please note that these prices are approximate; it will depend on the specifications of your order. If you'd like to get the process started, please fill out our order form so we can provide you with more accurate cost and lead time estimates. (Note: this form is non-binding! It's just an expression of interest.)

Specifications Geometry Decals & Details Paint Options
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