What is a Retrofit?

S&S couplers allow a bike to split into two pieces without compromising the strength or ride quality. This lets you pack your bike into a modestly sized hard case and take it with you everywhere without paying extra baggage fees on planes. We know how annoying it is to travel with whole bikes or find a rental that fits; we want you to be able to take your favorite ride everywhere you go.

We can install couplers in just about any bike- single, tandem, recumbent or tandem recumbent (tandems will need to pack into two boxes). We've installed couplers in bikes with non-round and tapered tubing, too. It may take a little practice to pack and unpack quickly, but we're always happy to help and there are plenty of good instructional videos. Here's one:

When we retrofit a non-Bilenky bike it will void that bike's warranty. However, it will be covered by our own warranty for ten years. Moving braze-ons if necessary, rerouting internal wiring, and realigning the frame come included in the retrofit package. For repaint options, see here.

We have installed tens of thousands of couplers since 1994- more than any other shop!  Our retrofitted bikes have accompanied their owners to every continent, including Antarctica.

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