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Titanium Bikes

​Our titanium bikes reflect our belief in the remarkable benefits of titanium, combined with our long heritage and experience of steel frame-building.
This means we produce unique titanium frames - all ultralight and with the clean lines that ti is known for - but also with the BCW design aesthetic that leads to more distinctive shapes and designs...
Artistry in ti!


All of our ti bikes are fully custom. We're one of the few framebuilders that is able and willing to produce fully customizable single and tandem ti bikes.


All our ti bikes are TIG welded for a clean and strong construction, and reflect our commitment to the highest levels of craftsmanship in framebuilding.


The frames can be finished with a matte blasted surface, brushed, or gloss.



All of our standard bike models can be fabricated in titanium to your request.


​Ti is particularly good for travel bikes- no paint to chip, nothing to rust, and super light. S&S titanium couplers can be added to most frames.

Please call for prices-- right now all our ti bikes are priced individually. ​
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