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      Happy Anniversary to Us!

We at Bilenky Cycle Works are proud to announce our thirtieth anniversary! It’s been thirty years of elegant bikes, exciting innovations, enormous beards and excellent times. None of this would have been possible without you, all our loyal customers and friends.
To celebrate this epic occasion we’re rolling out a special unlike any special we’ve ever done: ten unique, Artisan-quality Anniversary Bikes.
You choose the kind of bike you want (a Tourlite, a Midlands, an Ultralight or a Metroluxe), and we take your measurements and do the rest. Each one will be designed and fillet brazed to the exceptional standards that Stephen Bilenky brings to all his bikes, combining the highest quality and best aesthetic decisions.
The Anniversary Bikes will be loaded with special features: stainless steel bosses, dropouts and head tube rings, special limited edition top eyes, hand cut seat tube lugs with inset serial numbers, and your own unique name plate that identifies the bike as yours. Each one will be finished with an exclusive decal set.
In addition to the ten single bikes, we’ll be building two 20th Anniversary Travel Tandems - to celebrate the day in 1994 when Stephen first managed to get a tandem bike into a couple of  travel cases. These will have all the features of the single bikes and their own custom decal sets.
All of these bikes will be heirloom quality demonstrations of what makes Bilenky Cycle Works special. We can’t wait to get started making these one-of-a-kind works of rolling sculpture.
The Anniversary Bikes will launch at our 30 Year Party and Ride some time next summer. Stay tuned for details.
Single frames are $5,000. Travel Tandems are $8,500. Stephen will guide the componentry choices to reflect your personal needs.
Contact us now to discuss yours!