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Delivery Bikes

From Grocery getters

to Heavy Duty Haulin'!

The Sherpa line of Bilenky Delivery bikes are street-legal, zero-emissions utility vehicles that can carry over 200 pounds of cargo and be ridden comfortably. We build delivery and cargo bikes to transport everything from kegs of beer to ice cream; to carry children to school and do groceries; carry pets, move furniture, deliver pizza, and much more. Anything is possible!  A longer wheelbase with a smaller front wheel puts the weight of your cargo lower and between the axles instead of up high and ahead of the front wheel as is the case with a regular bike with a front rack added on. This makes the bike handle similarly to a normal bike, and customers and test riders are always pleasantly surprised at how easily the bike handles, even with over 100 pounds on the rack. You don't need to be an experienced cyclist to ride this bike and incoporate it into your lifestyle.


The racks and parking stands are seperate pieces which attach to the main frame of the bicycle. There are many reasons for this: lower shipping costs, modularity, ease of customization, etc. —We can design and make a rack based on your specific needs and requirements. Join the Revolution and carry your stuff by bike!

Sherpa Frame: $2,250  (frame, fork, steering linkage, standard front rack)

This is our super-short wheelbase Delivery bike. This bike is quite sporty, nimble, lightweight and capable of carrying the same loads as other, much larger cargo bikes. Sherpa can easiliy be carried up stairs and fits in tight places weather cruising through traffic, parked at the bike rack, or being carried into your small apartment. The front racks are anywhere from 21-27 inches in length,—less than one inch shorter than other much larger "Long John" style cargo bikes, such as the Bullitt. Sherpa is also the only Delivery bike on the market that can fit into a standard Amtrak bike box! (rack and front wheel removed)

Standard Sherpas are TIG-welded main frames, with beautifully fillet-brazed forks and racks, but of course you can order a fully fillet-brazed Sherpa.....but the added beauty and stiffness will bring the price to $2,750. (it's worth it!)

Sherpa XL Frame: $2,250  (frame, fork, steering linkage, standard front rack)

This is the Classic Bilenky Delivery bike. Slightly longer for increased cargo capacity. Front racks on the XL are anywhere from 26  to 34 inches in length. 

Fully built Sherpa: Starting at $3,295

Internal gearhub options are available as well as everything you need to ride day or night, rain or shine, in normal clothes! (fenders, dynamo-powered lighting, chainguard, and bell)

Custom racks/parking stand/child carriers/Christmas tree mount/dog or cat basket/etc.: Call for quote.

We can even put S&S couplers in cargo bikes to make them transportable in non-oversized airline luggage cases.

Please note that these prices are approximate and it will depend on the specifications of your order. 
If you'd like to talk specifics, please call or email the shop and we can help you through the process and provide you with a more accurate cost and lead time estimate.

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