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Titanium Bikes

Retrofit prices and packages

So how does it work?


For titanium frame S&S retrofits we measure the inside diameter of your bike's tubing and machine the couplers to fit tightly inside. Then we insert the couplers and TIG weld up the seams. 


We can install couplers in almost any bike, even if the tubes are non-round or tapered. However, there is an upcharge for oversized as well as irregular tubes.

About 3/4" of tubing is removed for each coupler. The couplers  add about 6-7 oz per pair.  We recommend using teflon grease on the threads about twice a year, more if you ride in wet and dirty conditions all the time. Each retrofit package includes a coupler wrench.

Ti is a great option for a travel bike, since there's no paint to scratch or ferrous metals to rust. For painted ti bikes we recommend leaving the area around the coupler bare.

Titanium Retrofit - Package Prices


Selecting one of our retrofit travel packages is the most economical way to get S&S couplers in your bike and get all the travel accessories you may need. However, if you don't need the whole travel package, individual travel accessories can be ordered a la carte. ​If you're not sure whether you need any of the travel accessories we offer, you can read all about them on our  travel accessories page.


Note: Titanium paint and finishing is priced to order. 

If your bike is painted titanium, please note when ordering.

1) Basic Ti Single Retrofit




• installation of S&S couplers

• frame alignment

• S&S coupler wrench

3) Basic Ti Tandem Retrofit




• installation of 6 S&S couplers

• frame alignment

• S&S coupler wrench

2) Ti Single Travel Package




• installation of S&S couplers

• frame alignment

• S&S coupler wrench

• S&S classic gray case

• 3x compression members

• 3x cable disconnects

• custom-cut frame-tube covers

4) Ti Tandem Travel Package


Complete package includes:

• installation of S&S couplers

• frame alignment

• S&S double-end coupler wrench

• 2x S&S classic gray case

• 6x compression members

• 6x cable disconnects

• custom-cut frame-tube covers



Ordering a complete bike with retrofit travel package

Need a new bike? We can order you a brand new Habanero ti frame, retrofit it and assemble it for you with components of your choosing. We offer travel packages for these frames that include retrofit and travel accessories. Read about it here.

Ready to order?

The first step is to email or call the shop with basic info about you and your bike. From here we will email or call you back, whichever you prefer-just make sure to leave both your email address and telephone number. You can either make a deposit using our website or we can take a deposit over the phone. If you have questions, we've got you covered. Feel free to email or call the shop anytime.  ​


NOTE: Prices are based on us receiving a bare frame only.
There is an additional fee of $150 for dis-assembly, reassembly and parts storage and an additional fee for touring accessories. However, there is no charge for removing and re-installing headsets and bottom brackets.

Prices do not include shipping the bike.


Titanium Bikes We Do Not Retrofit:
Titanium Motobecane
Litespeed Vortex, Ultimate and Blade from 2002 on
Habanero Team Issue Road
Lemond Titanium Buenos Aires
Lynskey Frames that use the Helix DT
Lynskey R350


Some Moots Titanium Frames require special sized couplers and there is an additional $200 fee. Please let us know the specific Moots make and model when placing order or inquiring about couplers.


Frames with oversized or irregular tubes will be charged an additional $100