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Ready to chop your bike in half? Really? Awesome. Here's what to do next...


Step 1: Give us a call or shoot us a message!

In order for us to complete a successful job on your bike, we've got to get to know it first. What kind of bike do you have? Is it Steel or Titanium? Are you interested in just the basic retrofit or are you interested in a Travel Package?  Are there any accessories you would like to purchase individually? Are your tubes round? Are there any mechanical issues that you know of? Will we be doing any paint work and if so, which type (you can find this info on our Services tab under Paint). Are you interested in any additions such as racks, decals, braze-ons?You don't have to know all of this off hand but it will help us in determing cost and turnaround time.


Step 2: Hurry up and wait.

If you chose to call, you can skip this little paragraph and move on to Step 3. If you chose to email us or shoot us a message, the next step is to wait. After you email us, we will look it over and give you a call within 2 business days to confirm the details of your order, give you a price quote, and take a 50% deposit. We will also, of course, address any questions or doubts you may have about your order. 


Step 3: Send us your bike!

The final step is to ship us your frame. If you can, please completely disassemble your bikeYou can leave the headset cups and bottom bracket in if you don't have the tools to remove them. Make sure your name is somewhere on the box, and you're set to go! There is a fee for disassembling/reassembling your bike.


When will I get my bike?!?

The current lead time on steel and titanium retrofits is approximately four to six weeks. However, this is subject to change based on the complexity of your order. We will provide you a turnaround time estimate during our initial phone conversation.


*please note that Cancellations are subject to a 20% cancellation fee