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Sherpa Custom Cargo Bike

Sherpa Frame: $2,250  (frame, fork, steering linkage, standard front rack)


This is our super-short wheelbase Delivery bike. This bike is quite sporty, nimble, lightweight and capable of carrying the same loads as other, much larger cargo bikes. Sherpa can easiliy be carried up stairs and fits in tight places weather cruising through traffic, parked at the bike rack, or being carried into your small apartment. The front racks are anywhere from 21-27 inches in length,—less than one inch shorter than other much larger "Long John" style cargo bikes, such as the Bullitt. Sherpa is also the only Delivery bike on the market that can fit into a standard Amtrak bike box! (rack and front wheel removed)

Standard Sherpas are TIG-welded main frames, with beautifully fillet-brazed forks and racks, but of course you can order a fully fillet-brazed Sherpa.....but the added beauty and stiffness will bring the price to $2,750. (it's worth it!)



Full bike for $2950