Steel bikes

Retrofit options and details

For steel bicycle frames we install S&S stainless steel couplers with pointed edges.


We use low heat silver brazing to install them, exactly the same process as building a steel frame with lugs. If the tubing isn't round we can normally fit the couplers anyway, either by rounding the tube or by adding shims.


Only flat bottom tubes on tandems present serious problems and these normally have to be replaced.

​The couplers add about 8 oz per pair. About two inches of paint is removed on each side of the coupler. See here for touch-up options.


We recommend using teflon grease on the threads twice a year, more if you ride in wet and dirty conditions very often. The S&S coupler wrench is included with every retrofit.


The installation time for S&S couplers is normally 4-6 weeks, although this may vary depending on which paint touch-up option you choose.

Steel Retrofit packages + prices

1) Single Retrofit

Basic retrofit includes:

• installation of S&S couplers

• frame alignment

• S&S coupler wrench








2) Single Retrofit Package

Full retrofit package includes:

• installation of S&S couplers

• frame alignment

• frame-saver treatment

• S&S coupler wrench

• utility paint touch up (epoxy primer)

• S&S gray case

• 3x compression members

• 3x cable disconnects

• frame-tube covers




with contrast paint touch-up

add $100

with full powdercoat re-paint

add $200

with matching paint touch-up

price on request

3) Tandem Retrofit Package

Complete package includes:

• installation of 6 S&S couplers

• frame alignment

• frame-saver treatment

• S&S tandem coupler wrench

• full powdercoat re-paint

• 2x S&S gray cases

• 6x compression members

6x cable disconnects

• frame tube covers



Steel Retrofit - A la carte options and prices


Selecting one of our retrofit packages is the most economical way to get S&S couplers in your bike. However, if you don't need the whole package these individual options are also available:


Tandem Retrofit: Includes six couplers + S&S Wrench, but no paint: $1,250.00

S&S Accessories: On our Travel Accessories Page.

Utility paint touch up: $100.00​​

​Contrast paint touch Up: $195.00

​Matching paint touch up: Priced per bike due to sheer variety - please email us a photo and model details.

​Full powdercoat repaint (frame & fork): $325.00

Complete custom repaint: These are priced individually, call us to discuss.​


Recumbent bicycles: Price on request

Please call for a price estimate. Recumbents have so many variations in tubing diameters and frame design that we have to price them on an individual basis.


NOTE: Prices are based on us receiving a bare frame only. There is an added fee of $120 for dis-assembly, reassembly and parts storage. However, there is no charge for removing /installing headsets and bottom brackets.


NOTE: Prices do not include shipping for returning the frame/bike to you.

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