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Making a deposit secures your place in our build queue. Call or email for info on placing a deposit.

Once we have all of your details worked out we can arrange a payment plan for the rest!
Single Retrofit Deposit




Steel Tandem

Custom Bike Deposit


Full Build 

Retrofit Travel Package Deposit




Steel Tandem


Frame or full bike


 Terms and Warranty

Your custom bike is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations in Fit, Finish, and Components. Your Bilenky frame has a lifetime warranty to original owner for materials and workmanship. Damages due accidents. unintended uses or outright negligence are not covered. Components are subject to the individual manufacturer warrantees - BCW will try to satisfy any minor component issues directly.

A deposit is required to start design and specification process for your custom built bike. Your deposit is fully refundable within 2 weeks of purchase. After 2 weeks there is a 15% design /administration fee deducted from the deposit amount. After construction is started and/ or components purchased the deposit is non-refundable. We strive to process all refunds within 10 business days. Maintaining  open and regular communication is the best way to resolve any problems

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