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Post Retrofit Paint Repair

During the coupler installation process, about two inches of paint on either side of the coupler gets burned off. It is essential that all of the bare steel on your bike gets covered with something to prevent corrosion. We offer several types of touch-ups as well as full repaints. Peruse color options here!

Utility Touch-up

This will protect your bike frame from corrosion. It is a matte primer in grey or black primer. 

 w/o travel package        $125

w travel package             Included

Custom Match Touch-up

We offer a custom formulated touch up to match your bike. For older or worn bikes we recommend a full repaint.

 w/o travel package    $300

w travel package          $175

Contrast Touch-up

We make about a 3" panel around the coupler with catalyzed urethane enamel. Stripe decals can be purchased for an additional charge to accent the panel.

 w/o travel package    $250

w travel package         $125

Powder coat

This is a full strip and repaint for your bike. Color options are listed here. Powder coat is much more durable than wet paint. 

 w/o travel package    $325

w travel package         $200

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