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Retrofit Paint Options

New Paint. New Life.

During the coupler installation process, about two inches of paint on either side of the coupler gets burned off. It is essential that all of the bare steel on your bike gets covered with something to prevent corrosion. We offer several types of touch-ups as well as full repaints. Read about your options here!


Note: If you are interested in a custom wet coat repaint, please visit our Paint page.

1) BASIC MATCH Touch-up

    $ 125 without travel package;

    or $50 if included in travel package

This is a basic matched touch-up, as close to the existing color of your bike as we can get without a custom paint order. It's our recommended option. Decals are not necessarily preserved although we'll do our best. 

2) Utility Touch-up

    $ 75 without travel package;

    OR included FREE in travel package


This is black or grey primer. It is not the best looking finish you can buy, but it will protect your frame for 2 - 5 years. Here is a Surly Troll with grey primer. Key word is Functionality.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Mad Max approved.

​3) CUSTOM Matched Touch-up -  $250



This makes your bike look like it was born with the couplers installed. We try to be as accurate as possible, but there is no such thing as perfect. If your frame has a candy or pearlescent or other custom color it may require an upcharge to replicate. If  your bike has had a long life, consider a full repaint rather than trying to match new paint to an aged, scratched and chipped finish.  (see our repaint or powdercoat prices) 

​4) Powdercoat

    $325 for frame & fork;

    $200 for frame & fork with travel package


This is the best option to get your bike completely re-painted. Look at the color options here. We always recommend powdercoating for travel bikes, as it's much tougher and will stand up better to the inevitable bumping that even the most carefully packed bike will encounter. It's durable and economical.