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Semi-Recumbent Tandem

The Viewpoint: our unique semi-recumbent tandem. An independent drivetrain for the stoker and captain allows for different skill levels. With the stoker’s head significantly lower than the captain’s, both riders get a great view of the road. It has a small front wheel for tight turns and the most comfortable stoker position imaginable. We can modify and customize the stoker position for children, special-needs riders, hand cranks and more.

​Deluxe Viewpoint Frame (TIG welded): $4550

Signature Viewpoint Frame (Fillet Brazed or Lugged): Price on Request. Viewpoints are big utility bikes so they're normally just welded. More specialist construction or detailing is available for an upcharge.

Fully Built LX Sport Viewpoint (LX SRAM 7.0): $6,595

Fully Built Deluxe Sport Viewpoint (Shimano XT, SRAM 7.0): $6,850
​Fully Built Deluxe Road Viewpoint (Ultegra STI XT) $6,995

We also put S&S couplers on Viewpoints for an additional $1,350 making your new bike easier to pack and ready to go on weekend trips or bike adventures across country. Coupled Viewpoints fit into Two Hard Cases and meet airline size and weight requirements.


Electrical assist is available as a custom option - see the review in New Atlas.

Please note that these prices are approximate and it will depend on the specifications of your order. 
If you'd like to talk specifics, please call or email the shop and we can help you through the process and provide you with a more accurate cost and lead time estimate.

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Find Bilenky Viewpoints out West at Recumbent PDX in Portland, Oregon!
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Viewpoint Harmony

Read the review in New Atlas of the unique Viewpoint Harmony electric-assist semi-recumbent tandem we took to NAHBS 2019.

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