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MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals / ANT branded

MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals / ANT branded

The Sylvan Touring pedal has the largest step area in the Sylvan line, offering various foot position over a 94X63mm area to prevent fatigue. While the pedal is double sided, it also accepts toe clips and straps to prevent slipping. This pedal works well for a wide variety types of shoes, as the cage plate tooth profile is grippy but not particular aggressive.


The Sylvan Touring pedals are finished with a silver color pedal body around a chrome plated axle. Available in polished, copper or black. While supplies last.


The Sylvan has remained a steadfast go-to for cyclist over the last four decades.

  • Proven Design
  • User-Serviceable
  • High-Value
  • Cold forged Japanese steel axles
  • Hand-adjusted cup and cone bearing system
  • Weight 391g
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