• S and S Machine Butterfly Latch Travel Case

    The case construction features a hard shell made from textured black and extremely tough, high density polyethylene. It has industrial style handles and hardware for high strength and durability. Probably the nicest hardware we have seen on a travel case thus far. Two rugged steel butterfly latches are industrial strength and can take a beating without breaking.

    Built in wheel pockets allow the case to be easily pulled and are molded in instead of cut in for extra durability. The heavy duty, ball-bearing wheels are placed far apart for extra stability when being hauled. For additional protection, S&S recommends that up to 3 to 4 compression members may be used with this case (sold separately).

    Durable and full length piano hinge
    Small profile at 26"x26"x10"
    Padlock tabs so a regular or TSA approved padlock can be used
    Two rugged steel butterfly latches
    15.2lbs total case weight
    Made in the USA

             5319 N 2nd St      ​​Philadelphia, PA         ​​19120