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  • Soma Grand Randonneur Travel Package

    The Grand Randonneur is a true low trail geometry randonneuring frame set, which means it rides better with a front load than other touring and road bikes.

    This Travel Package comes with the Soma Grand Randonneur Frame + Fork Set (v.2)

    This travel package DOES NOT contain parts though we are always happy to help build this bike up for you!

    The travel package includes:
    Soma Grand Randonneur Frameset
    S&S Couplers + Installation
    Frame Alignment
    10" S&S Hard Travel Case
    Coupler Wrench
    Compression Members
    Cable Disconnects
    Custom Frame Tube Covers

    Price for package with Match or Contrast Touch Up$1725
    Price for package with full owder coat $1850

    • Details

      - Tange Prestige CrMo tubes, double-butted, non-oversized
      - Threaded 1" lugged fork with low rider pannier bosses, mini rack eyelets and double eyelets at the dropouts
      - Rear rack and fender eyelets
      - Pump peg
      - 3 sets of water bosses
      - Designed for 650b wheels and cantilever brakes
      - Max. tire fit: 650 x 42mm slick tires w/fenders
      - Max. fender width: 50mm
      - Needle bearing headset recommended
      - Paint: Cream (it's a tinge less yellow from last year's ivory)
    Travel Package